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 Ernesto Possi is an established professional Spanish voiceover artist with many years of recording experience providing voiceover services worldwide.


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Ernesto understands how important it is to express your idea with clarity, passion and conviction. If you need a voice talent who can get to the heart of your message and make people listen, please get in touch now.

Recordings can be performed in studio or from Ernesto's home studio. Ernesto has many repeat clients and referrals from prior clients. He is a Spanish voiceover with substantial radio and television commercial and on-air experience. He produces high-quality commercials by working directly and independently with business clients. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of Pro Tools Audio Software. Most importantly, Ernesto is energetic, detail-oriented, and creative.

 Recording  Session 2017

Recording  Session 2017

Voice talent

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Ernesto Possi / Additional Skills

Home studio recording using Pro Tools software and professional audio equipment. 
Neutral Spanish speaking style - with no detectable regional accent. 
Ability to raise and lower tone of voice with ease to adapt to every situation.


Recording and Delivery Capabilities


• He will go to any designated studio in the Chicago area
• He has Phone Patch in the studio
• He has Source Connect Standard 3.9 for connect to studio in the world
• He can record remotely, then deliver the audio files via Email  
• He can record remotely, then upload the audio files via FTP
• He can record and get directions by Skype or any application