How is your studio equipped?

      Ernesto studio is set up with this gear:

  • Neumann U67, 87ai and 103 tlm Mic

  • Senheiser 416 and 816 Mic

  • Avalon 737 mic preamp

  • Manley Voxbox Channel strip

  • ProTools 12 running on an iMAC i7

  • Source Elements Source-Connect 3.9 for live connections

  • Available via ISDN

  • Genelec and Yamaha NS10 M Monitors

  • Soundproofed Vocal Booth

  • Apogee and Antelope Audio Interfaces

Which voice over services do you provide?

Ernesto record Voice overs for TV and Radio commercials, Corporate promos, Elearning and educational courses, Museum and travel guides, Documentaries, Few Cartoon dubbing for feature films and television series, video games, phone on-hold messages and audiobooks.

Do you charge for pick ups and corrections?

No, the price you are given includes any necessary corrections or retakes.. If there are are then subsequent changes to the script made by you, a small fee may apply.

Get a free, no-obligation audio sample of your project.

If you have a voiceover project that needs experience, quality and clarity, contact Ernesto today for a free, no-obligation project sample.

Ernesto will deliver an audio file of your script together with a quote so that you can decide if he is the right voice for your project.

How can I pay?

He accept payments via:

  • Paypal

  • Credit Card

How much is it going to cost me?

He charge fees based on the length of your script and how the audio will be used. If it is a long elearning or audiobook project, a fee per word or per finished hour of audio can be arrived at. You can either let us know your budget for your recording (don't be shy, we can take it!) or ask us for an immediate quote.

His Clients

With many years industry experience, he has had the chance to work with some great clients in many industries. From corporate promos to International TV campaigns and from small businesses to many Fortune 500 companies.

Why Work with him? 

He has worked extensively in Radio, Television, web and more... Work with him and use Ernesto skills and experience to get:

  • A leading Spanish talent

  • Clients in many countries

  • Pro Studio – around 24 hr. Turnaround

  • International TV campaigns

  • A reputation built on honesty and integrity

How do I know that you have the right voice for my job?

You can check out the samples here on this site and feel free to send hem part of your own script and he will record a made-to-measure audition with no charge.